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Phoenix Comics NW
Phoenix Comics NW
Phoenix Comics opened its NW location in November 1994, and since then it has grown into one of the top stores in Western Canada.
Phoenix Comics NW carries thousands of graphic novels of all genres, from Sandman and Maus to Spider-man and Batman to Y the Last Man and Walking Dead. We also specialize in Manga, and no one in the city has a better selection. Our goal is to have every in print volume of every title in stock, every day.  Furthermore, we have thousands of out of print volumes.  And we now carry Anime at the NW location!  Come check out our ever expanding selection of Anime.
The NW store is also the city's number one source for Magic the Gathering. We have everything for the Magic player, from the city's best selection of singles to the latest booster packs and everything in between. We also run weekly tournaments for Magic the Gathering and other games such as Hero-Clix. Don't forget our other games such as Dungeons and Dragons and we also carry a complete line of supplies for both your gaming and comic collecting needs!
Open until 9:00 Monday to Fridays at the NW location!

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